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Welcome to My Travel Adventure!

Hi! I'm Ashley and after getting laid off from my corporate job, I decided to put all of my stuff in storage, throw my essentials in a carry on suitcase and book a one way ticket to Florida. I know that this sounds crazy but I started doing the math and it's actually cheaper (and more fun) for me to live full time in hotels instead of paying my expensive Southern California rent. In 2020, I stay 103 nights at Marriott properties for $4356 or about $42 a night and includes properties like the Ritz Carlton n Cancun & W in Midtown Atlanta! Learn the travel hacks and strategies that were used by checking out the "Best Travel Tips" course:

Since I studied Television Production and Broadcast Journalism back in college, it just made sense to also create a YouTube Channel and document my journey. Honestly, I still don't know what I am in search of but I think figuring that out is part of the fun. Along the way I promise to share the best stories, travel destinations and tips and tricks that I learn so don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, In Search of Traveler (link is below) so you never miss an upload.


Ashley (The In Search of Traveler)

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